Monday, August 8, 2011


We visited this cafe on 7th August 2011, merely a week in Ramadhan.. The idea was from Jack, one of my buddies' friend, Hashim, after we watched movie.

So, wanted to try a new place since me and Hashim wanna sungkai or breaking fast, in addition both of us have been sungkai at home for the last 6 days. So, we picked another friend of Hashim, Fok and headed to Milenium Plaza, located at new Penampang Road.

This cafe is located at 1st floor..bawah dia ada restoran Baba Nyonya, right after u passed CKS block.

After we chose our table, the moment we sat, datang suda ni the waitress with a bottle of sky juice, as a compliment drink for us. Macam derang tau tau sija kami mo sungkai, lol....

Ok, here's the interesting part of this cafe..the scenery of this cafe was very nice, with lots of so-called sailor stuff dalam cafe(suda nama dia sailor's cafe kan...I managed to take some pics for the outlet..
the 2 very yaoyeng gangs hahaha...we decided to sit outside the cafe...for your info, the cafe is also air-conditioned but di dalam saja la opcozz hehe.....
The skills of a waitress...haha...funny but i do agree with it..
ecspecially when it mentioned "s
ense of humour, not to amuse, but to
avoid yourself from goin crazy

As you can see, they oso provide Wifi for the customers... and i juz loved the decorations...they used chalk to write, but no dust were found around the cafe...clean and tidy...

some interesting pics attached on the wall..creative deco i must say
not juz Wifi service, they oso got Astro inside for customers viewing...As for outside, the customers can enjoy viewing of swimming pool...cuci mata sikit hahaha.... time for the food...apology from me cause i didnt take any pics for the menu book..but believe me...the menu book, although simple, it was fun to choose...

Hashim and Fok were goin for lamb chop, and i chose pasta cabonara(macam cabonara tapi bukan) with beef bacon...
and hashim suggested that we take a side order..and we took double cheeseburger set..
and u know wat...we din wait too long for them to arrive...around 15 minutes i guessed..

the lamb chop...yummy..

another shot of lamb chop...with garlic bread...the meat was tender

HUGEEEE double cheese...with lots of fries....susah maw kasi abis hahaha

my pasta cabonara....creamy and so tasty

i also ordered this drink...vanilla shake...smooth lg tu and got oreo d atas suda kana makan

the total bill yg nda berapa nampak....ekekekekeke

when it came to "MAITANNNN"'s the pricing....

the lamb chop - RM 17.00
double cheese - RM 16.00
pasta              - RM 11.00
vanila shake    - RM 8.00

so the total was RM69.00...WITHOUT ANY TAX....nice is it??? vote....

Food---> 8/10
Scenery---> 8.5/10
Hospitality---> 9/10 was a fantastic moment la lepak here...we had a great time although amat penat since puasa kan.. but it really worth it...

My advice.. if u wanna come and try...make sure u come before 7pm since customers will come in peak hours commencing 7pm...

A quick Recap for Sailors Cafe..
Milenium Plaza near CKS buliding, 1st floor which its ground floor ada restoran Baba Nyonya
Operation Time
600pm to 11 pm, last order will take place at 1015 pm
They are known for
Fish and chips...they oso got ostrich meal...

They provide
Astro...Wifi...complimentary sky juice..and hot waitress hehe..owh...they oso got beers,wine and liquor

Sadly, masa kami datang...their fish and ostrich sold out...ereiiii... and the Wifi not brapa bagus...

So.....go ahead and try lepak there...mmg SHOOO SHWEEETTTTTT

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Peppermint Karamunsing....awesome spot....Nasi Ayam and Kupi Vietnam

Last nite (26 Oct 2010), I followed my cuzzie, Rafi and his koupusan, Amy for a movie outing... Since the couple haven't take their dinner yet...we decided to pick the 930pm show for "RED", so that we can head to take dinner 1st before the show starts.

We went to this restaurant "Peppermint" which located at Karamunsing Capital. Peppermint has other cawangan lain around KK, but according to Rafi and Amy, this is the best branch.

they specialize in Vietnam dishes..nyum nyum...

Upon arrival, we went to the counter and ordered the nasi ayam, and Rafi oso ordered the beansprout(taugeh) dish....and then i saw the big pic of Vietnam interesting...i ordered la 1 was the receipt..
total of 19.60....value for money
 it didnt take a long wait for the dishes to arrive...maybe bcoz of the crowd was not busy gila...awal la mengkali sampai....5-7 minutes and done...

the nasi ayam set...really crispy..and the rice was awesome.....high quality...

and this was the Vietnam Coffee......i like the presentation...kaw kaw... and the smell was even great!!!! I LOIKEE
the cup above is used to brew the  serbuk kupi and drop to the cup below..

 the taugeh was crispy and it when taugeh is not overcooked..

 well...since i oready makan d rumah...saya pigi la mengintu sikit tu ayam kasi tapun-tapun...then i saw the cucumbers di bawah tu ayam....and I took 1 potong and try lor....
the creative cuts of cucumber slices
 amazingly, it was great, and I can assure u guys, thet the staffs are rajin mo kasi keluar tu getah d timun...langsung teda pahit....and rangup..ada bunyi kruyuk-kruyuk..

here's some pics of the couples tgh kesiukan makan their dish hahahahha....
kesedapan kene.... hahahaha

rafi nearly speecless kalau bab makan....he was so concerntrate...

amy enjoying the taugeh......sadappppp deblang

sa maw juga post ni gambar!!!!!.....muka amy yg btul2 kepuasan after makan hwhahahahahahaha
 Overall, we did enjoy our time here, walaupun mo kena balik Suria and catched the movie....eventhough the kuah nasi ayam a lil bit salty, but it was still not bad...i definately will come back here....

Okay, My RATES????
Food           -     7/10
Service        -     9/10
Cleanliness  -     9.5/10
Scenery       -     8/10

Wan Wan Restaurant....awesome place for breakfast and "brunch"

after being in Papar for 2 months, i have to revisit one of my fav places in KK for a great breakfast...

So, i fetched my dear sis, Miss Celestina Juli, the recent KENTE2 champion for a breakfast treat, but instead of that, it turned out to be a brunch for us...

OK, back to business...Wan Wan Restaurant is located at Bundusan Square...or to be precise, it juz situated belakang Damai Club, and it is easy to find the outlet...if saya tidak opens from 6am to 2pm...

source :

the main attraction of Wan Wan Restaurant is its fish dish yang memang pemes d KK. I received lots of good reviews for this place since their fish dishes are known for freshness eventhough there are some of the dishes smell kinda fishy...
ada 3 jenis sup di Wan Wan
  • Tomyam
  • Asam Pedas
  • Sup ikan biasa(saya nda tau macam mana mo explain at the moment..hahaha) 
Although the crowd in that time memang ramai, but we managed to get a table so fast....since si Charl datang sini for the very 1st time, she wanted to taste to Mihun Sup with isi ikan campur their homemade fishcake..

i even nda sempat mo amik gambar.....suda dia pg NGAPPPP tu mihun hahahha.....the bowl cost only RM6..

seeing from her face, Charl did feel satisfied with the soup hahhahahaha...jgn marah ah Charl...

As for me, whenever I get my butt sitting in this outlet, my main course is always the same...Kolo men with asam pedas soup, with isi ikan and udang...but since Charl is allergic with prawn....i turned to fishcake so she can sip a bit my soup to taste my "heaven" hehe...

like DJ Othoe said...PUNYA SADAAPPPPPPPPPPP!!!!!..... the kolomen got minced chicken di dalam...and the noodles mmg sadappppp gilarr barbengggg(si Dengkos bilang). but i forgot how much it cost hehe...not more than RM8 la... here are some of the menu yg saya sempat ambil....

The total cost for this outing was RM16.70. Plus, we enjoyed the great food..

To you guys who tend to go here, here are some intersted infos bout Wan Wan:
  • if telampau banyak kereta di sini Wan Wan, the outlet also has its own "traffic police" and the staff is makin the parking lot here very handy, helping customers to guide them into vacant parking lot
  • the service is very well arranged, with many staff to fetch orders, walaupun masa itu terlalu sesak, they even can send your orders to your table very fast, but in a careful way...diorang akan sound customers with..."panasss...panasss..jaga yahhh"....
  • this outlet is really 1Malaysia....i often see a table shared with Chinese, Bumi and Malays, and they were laughing while enjoying the dish...such a good example...and even tourists come here and enjoy the great fish dishes...
Overall, my rate for Wan Wan :-
Food          -     8.5/10
Service       -     8/10
Cleanliness  -     7/10
Scenery      -      7/10

Thursday, October 14, 2010

A new BLOGGUY has juz started his journey, hunting for delicious foods around Sabah


Hey...look who is the latest person who started to blog?? hehe... still "noob" in this blogging days but i try my best to fulfill my passion, which is searching for the best food scenery in Sabah, and most important...SHARE them with you guys, so you can experience the same thing that i would love to consider "heavenly" moments...

"If it looks good, eat it"...Andrew Zimmern said that

Well, for those who really anxious about Sabah's food delicacies.. Sabah, which is considered as  the true "1MALAYSIA" known for its diversity in food culture.. Moreover, Sabahans are indeed very flexible, where you may discover in a restaurant, a table, shared with various races, sit together and chatting while enjoying good food... in addition, you may find some of the outlet, are shared with different races, doesn't matter Bumis, Malays, Chinese, Indian..or whoever lah...and this harmony sparks flourishly in Sabah...

Okay, talking bout the harmony..welllll...although I'm crazy and dying for food, it doesn't mean that I can "NGAPPPPPPP" all of the foods here in Sabah...yes, I'm a Muslim, thus, I am still obeying the law that there are some things that i cannot consume...but dont surprise if you happen to see me sitting in a Chinese restaurant...even sitting with my friends who enjoying their Bah Kut Teh or Cha Sau pau...(bukannya saya makan pun.....hahahaha)

So, to those Muslim or even Seventh Day Adventist friends who wish to explore the world of good food and mengikut hukum agama, but dont even know where to find, I'm glad to show you places where you can enjoy Chinese or Dusun or Kadazan or anytingg laa punya great dishes, and yet, halal...but please don't feel that this blog is only strictly to them, because no matter what race or religion you are..I hope my posts here will handy you guys to decide where to try the dishes,. based on my review hehe

Furthermore, since this blog is still "bau kedai"...(new)... if any of you wanna suggest me great places to try their local inform me.. and I'm willing to head my mouth to the place.. hahaha...

Stay tune for my journey... aramaiiii tihhh